CIPA-ICORP-ISCARSAH 2017 Joint Meeting

After disasters information concerning the state of cultural heritage is essential. To share the information of cultural heritage conservation and coordinate protection efforts, CIPA, ICORP and ISCARSAH will hold a joint meeting during 2017 ICOMOS General Assembly in New Delhi, India. We look forward to your kind support.
For more information, please visit the website:

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Addendum to UNESCO Strategy Reinforces Protection of Culture and Heritage from Natural Disasters

On 14 November, 2017 the 39th session of the UNESCO General Conference adopted an Addendum to its Strategy for the Reinforcement of the UNESCO’s action for the Protection of Culture and the Promotion of Cultural Pluralism in the Event of Armed Conflict, concerning emergencies associated with disasters caused by natural and human-induced hazards.

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Help ICOMOS remain an open non-political cultural heritage forum

In January 2017, ICOMOS was awarded a generous grant of 80 000 € by the Getty Foundation for our General Assembly taking place this December in Delhi. This international gathering is one of the most important in the heritage conservation field and under our policy of non-political involvement and non-discrimination, the meeting is open to all.

Recently, the Getty Foundation suddenly informed ICOMOS that for unforeseen reasons related to compliance with U.S. sanctions regulations, and through no fault whatsoever of ICOMOS, it would have to revoke the grant because of the participation at the General Assembly of one of our members, a young Syrian architect, teaching part-time at a Syrian state-funded university.

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Protecting the Past Conference: Documentation as a Tool for Heritage Protection

The 2017 Protecting the Past conference will take place between Saturday 2 – Monday 4 December in Tunis, Tunisia. It is organised by EAMENA in collaboration with the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO), Global Heritage Fund (GHF), and ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre. This event brings together international, regional, and local experts to explore the challenges facing the cultural heritage in Tunisia and Libya, and beyond in the MENA region. The conference will follow a four-week training event organised by EAMENA and funded by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund for 20 heritage professionals and students from Libya and Tunisia.