ICOMOS-ICORP is a Scientific Committee of ICOMOS; an International NGO. It is dedicated to helping in better maintain our cultural heritage not only on a global basis but more importantly in supporting the needs of local communities.

ICOMOS- ICORP is an International Scientific Committee of ICOMOS; an International NGO dedicated towards the protection and management of cultural heritage.

The goals of the Committee are to enhance the state of preparedness within the heritage institutions and professions in relation to disasters of natural or human origin, and to promote better integration of the protection of heritage structures, sites or areas into national, local as well as international disaster management, including mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities. Through the sharing of experience and the development of a professional network, the Committee aims to stimulate and support activities by ICOMOS National and International committees for enhancing disaster risk management of cultural heritage. ICORP also supports ICOMOS in its role as the founding partner of the the Blue Shield.

ICOMO-ICORP Statement at UN-ISDR Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction: 2013 Geneva, Switzerland

ICOMOS-ICORP does these through:

Collaborating with international, national and non-governmental organizations to integrate the protection of cultural heritage places into disaster risk planning;

Creating knowledge, delivering training and building capacity to reduce the loss of cultural heritage places;

Identifying, undertaking and reviewing scientific research on disaster risk planning for cultural heritage places and disseminating best practices;

Developing the instruments to enable ICOMOS to meet its obligations under the 1972 World Heritage Convention regarding risk reduction.

Representing ICOMOS in the Blue Shield organizations;

Coordinating and bringing to bear the full resources of ICOMOS in the face of disasters;

Ensuring representation within ICORP of all cultures and regions in the world.

ICORP Statement- Istanbul 2012