Expected Unexpected: Earthquakes

ICOMOS Panel Series – “Expect Unexpected: Earthquake” organized by ICORP Crisis Monitoring and Response Working Group

The disaster on February 6th, 2023, continued with 2 major earthquakes, causing many casualties and damage to cultural heritage structures in Türkiye and Syria. More than 60.000 people died, and many of them were injured.

This Catastrophe showed us that dynamic planning with a multidisciplinary approach in all stages of Disaster Risk Management on Cultural Heritage, preparation, emergency response, and recovery is crucial for Cultural Heritage and its users.

The purpose of “ICOMOS Panel Series – Expect Unexpected” is to share experiences and knowledge to be more prepared for protecting the cultural heritage from future natural events and unexpected human disasters. In particular, the panel focuses on the critical response phase of the emergency for cultural heritage and users. This first one is dedicated to earthquakes.

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