ICCROM's Course on First Aid To Cultural Heritage In Times Of Crisis

Is it possible to reduce the damage to cultural heritage in the event of a natural disaster or an armed conflict?

Offered within the framework of the Disaster Risk Management programme, this hands-on training of ICCROM is aimed at preparing proactive cultural first-aiders who will have the ability to assess risks to cultural heritage and reduce the impact of such events.




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Dresden, Germany 13-14 June 2014




This international colloquium, sponsored by the German Research Association (DFG),  is held at the Technical University Dresden in association with ICOMOS. It will for the first time address the issues of Integrating Heritage Conservation and Flood Control Concepts along rivers and streams. 

Increasingly frequent disasters involving high water have led to efforts in many parts of the world to enhance flood protection. Although the extensive structural measures that are often undertaken also protect historic sites, at times these very measures can impair a site’s special values.


Blue Shield Statement on Ukraine

Blue Shield 01

Following the civil conflict that has been shaking the Ukraine, the Blue Shield wishes to express its deep concern regarding the safeguarding and protection of the country’s invaluable cultural and historical heritage, as well as the institutions that house them and the people that care for them.

Ukraine’s museums, libraries and documentary heritage, monuments, churches and monasteries are under risk of threat from looting and destruction. The international heritage community wishes to warn of the potential harm that cultural property may suffer.

Reports regarding damages endured by the Kiev History Museum have given the Blue Shield and its members reasons for concern. The destruction of monuments linked to the political history of Ukraine is also at the forefront of the cultural community’s concerns. The Blue Shield urges the Ukrainian government to investigate the incident which occurred in the Kiev History Museum’s storage rooms on the nights of 18 and 19 February 2014, and to allocate protected storage space for particularly threatened collections.

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Cultural HELP 2014- ICORP Conference on Cultural Heritage and Loss Prevention


Cultural Help 2014 03


6 and 7 October 2014

Casa das Artes

Porto- Portugal 

Recent disasters around the world have shown that, in addition to human losses, cultural heritage losses are also considerable. It is without question that minimizing human losses is the first and foremost priority when developing disaster mitigation strategies. Still, efforts must also be assigned to preserve cultural heritage given its fundamental role in every nation and community. 

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Election of ICOMOS-ICORP Bureau for 2014-2017




The ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Risk Preparedness (ICORP) is pleased to announce the results of the election for the Bureau’s officers for 2014-2017: 

President:                                  Mr Rohit Jigyasu

Vice President I:                        Mr Christopher Marrion

Vice President II:                       Mr Bijan Rouhani

Secretary General:                      Ms Zeynep Gül Ünal

Treasurer:                                  Ms Robyn Riddett     

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